Occasional Quotes 1: The Settled & the Nomadic

“…a crucial difference between hunter-gatherers and farmers is that one society is highly mobile, with a strong tendency to both small- and large-scale nomadism, whereas the other is highly settled, tending to stay firmly in one particular area or territory.  This difference is established in stereotypes of “nomadic” hunters and “settled” farmers.  However, the stereotype has it the wrong way round.  It is agricultural societies that tend to be on the move; hunting peoples are far more firmly settled.  This fact is evident when we look at these two ways of being in the world over a long time span – when we screen the movie of human history, as it were, rather than relying on a photograph.”

Hugh Brody, The Other Side of Eden:  Hunters, Farmers and the Shaping of the World, 2000, Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver, p. 7.

~ by fathertheo on October 17, 2008.

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